●Unique production technic
The quality of PA66GF25 insulating strips mainly depend on the uniform distribution of glass fiber, The horizontal and vertical movements of glass fiber depend on the flow channel design and extrusion technic. The unique production technic from Xingao® make the glass fiber more evenly distributed.
●Strict quality control system
Xingao® adopts a strict quality control system. The factory test center possesses the most complete testing equipments. From the very beginning the system carries out a strict control process. Each batch of the insulating strips has its own tracing code (with this code, the information such as material supplier, material batch number, production line reference number, workers and quality inspector, can all be traced). At any time, Xingao® can check the inspecting records in the test center.
●Fine quality materials purchase control system
The Xingao® insulating strips are made of high quality PA66 and glass fiber materials. In the mean time, the quality of raw materials are strictly checked and monitored in the testing center of the factory, ensuring an outstanding quality from the very beginning.
●Mould processing center
Xingao® owns both a production base and a processing center for high precision moulds. Xingao can ensure the shortest tooling lead time for typical items required by a special project.
●Supreme product stability
Xingao® adopts in an automatic microcomputer control system for the extrusion process. Once the change reaches the critical value, the system gives an alarm and stops, which avoids the quality instability.


Xingao® has built up its full operating management system centered by the customers.satisfaction.


To guarantee a superior quality, Xingao® has established a comprehensive quality control management system including material testing, technical design, product research and development, material purchase, production management and quality tracing after sales.

Xingao advantage